Want to play at Crow?


If you’re interested in playing CROW. Bar and Variety please hit the button below and give us your info.  Leave the material with us for a week then follow up. CROW supports music of most genres.

We have a great sounding P.A. with a great sound tech.  Artists can pass the jug in addition to receiving 6% of bar sales and the agreed upon guarantee. You are not permitted to bring openers or add bands to your bill without them being approved. Some backline is provided.

You’ve been booked! Here’s what you need to know;
Crow has a 100-person capacity. This number includes band and restaurant staff. We encourage you to promote your night via social media. We also ask you to design a poster for the show. We will send you required content. We will print. We can’t always promise a full house and remember you get paid on bar sales so the more folks you get in the merrier. Pump up your show!